Fall Foliage

Mid-September the nights are cooler. On the 21st of this month we enter the Autumn Equinox The daylight hours are equal to the night hours. Birds realizing that the harsh winter is approaching begin their 11,000 mile journey. Ah the term snow birds. That is the distance of flying across the US 3 1/2 times. In Greek methodology it is when Persephone daughter of Demeter was abducted. He became so distraught that the ground became barren. Nothing would grow. It was`t until her return March 21st that life came back, and the ground was able to grow again.                                                                                                                                          Entering Autumn we enter the “Aurora Season” The geomagnetic storms increase twice  their numbers. The sun particles traveling at enormous speeds crashing into the atoms. This puts on a light show for the star watchers. The hues coming from the nitrogen and oxygen atoms are pink,blue,yellow,green and white. The animals sense the change in seasons as their Teste swells up to 17 times as the slumber hot summers.  The reproduction and the gathering of food for the long cold winter nights begins in earnest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The various colors in the leaves were always there. The pigmentation was overpowered by the chlorophyll produced by the long hours of sunlight and warm weather. As the cold nights and shorter day lights affect the amount of chlorophyll. The natural pigmentation start to appear. Yellow and orange are the predominant colors. The stronger colors of red and purple are caused by the  sugar that is trapped in the leaves..  Without the proper nourishment the leaves end their natural cycle. The trees ready themselves for the dark cold winter. The leaves start to drop off. Pine needles also goes through a shedding process.Many homeowners start to rake,blow the leaves and some brave homeowners just mulch the leaves in the grass.The problem with that is some are acidic. Example oak leaves and needles from pine and spruce are very acidic. Spreading lime across the lawn will neutralize the acidity.Image result for picture of fall foliage

The fall leave season starts in Mid September through mid October. Southern Canada starts it of early from there it progresses to northern New England and and finally New Jersey. For the most brilliant colors most viewers claim it would be the green mountains of Vermont. The longest season would be the lake region in New Hampshire.In western United States Oregon and Washington offer some spectacular fall foliage. Besides the Us Japan has a magnificent fall foliage. Many tourist from around the world come to Japan to view the sights and mountains  during the change of seasons.


Interesting Hurricane tid bits

Most scientist understand the conditions needed to form a hurricane but really don`t understand how they form. Hurricane season starts June 1st to November 30th on the Atlantic Ocean. In the Pacific Ocean it starts May 15 to November 30th. Hurricanes form along the Equator where the water Temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind sheer is low. As the winds cross the ocean it forms water vapor. As these vapors rise the air cools and the vapors turn into droplets.It forms clouds and the weight of the droplets falls as rain. The change in air pressure makes the wind spin faster. The warm waters and air pressure feeds on itself making the hurricane gather strength   With real record keeping starting in 1851 between 1851-2013 there were—-

46 September hurricanes     26 October hurricanes    17 October hurricanes   Clearly September is the most active month. At nights in the middle of September  the Atlantic ocean waters turn cooler. This in turns slows down the hurricane strength and movements.Normally it is Florida and the Carolina’s that are the most susceptible targets, Hurricanes have reached Maine and Nova Scotia.AS of this date it has been awhile since a damaging hurricane hit the mainland US .      Weathermen and weather publications try and predict  weather we will have an active year. It seems they use sun spots and past history to calculate their predictions. Mother nature has a mind of her own. Here is a list of the  10 worst hurricanes according to  ” Science – How Stuff works”  Image result for picture of a hurricane

  1.        Hurricane Andrew–August  1992 –Category 5—- 15 deaths —26 Billion
  2.        Hurricane Hugo —-September 1989–50 deaths
  3.         Hurricane Sandy —  October 2012 –65 Billion  115 Deaths
  4.         Hurricane Camille — August 1969—265 deaths–category 3
  5.          Hurricane Gilbert–  September 1988–318 deaths–this was the largest Hurricane ever recorded ( as size is concerned)
  6.         1935 Florida Keys Labor Hurricane–400 deaths  half were World War 1 Veterans who were there on construction projects. Note; Names were not given hurricanes until 1952
  7.           Hurricane Katrina– Category 5–1833 lives were lost. Half of them from drowning. This is perhaps the most controversial hurricane. The slow response of the Federal government and the around the clock news coverage as the victims lived in the super-dome. There is also the fact most of the victims were poor.The mayor of New Orleans was charged with corruption. The governor and President Bush were at odds with each other.
  8.          Great Hurricane of Gavels ton–1900—storm surge 8-15 feet–This was perhaps the worst hurricane with an estimate of 8000 to 12,000 deaths
  9.          Hurricane Mitch–October 1998–5 Billion–11,000 deaths It was Honduras that took the brunt. The amount of rain caused massive mudsldes. In one mudslide 2000 lost their lives
  10.         Great Hurricane of 1780. More than 22,000 lost their lives. Many British and American soldiers were victims. One observer said the bark of the trees came off. This would require winds in excess of 200 miles an hour.


Louisiana flood

On August 11, 2016 a low pressure south of Louisiana formed. As the rain stormed developed just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana it stalled. The rain came down at the rate of 2-3 inches an hour. On August 12 the rivers Amite and Comite overflowed. Streets, commercial,schools and homes were taking in water. Before the rain stopped more than 20 inches fell.. This is 3 times that of Katrina and was the worst natural disaster since Sandy Hook. To be fair, the fires in California were also bad..The fires in California did national attention right away. Many of the homes affected in California were the well to do and were covered. Tragedy is the same weather you are rich or poor. It just seems strange that the New York Times and CNN would not cover it until August 14.    ( source Wikipedia}                                           Many of the residents are poor. Perhaps it was the Olympic Games or the Presidential Race that was more important. By the end of the No name storm more than 7.1 trillion gallons of water fell. That would fill lake Pontchartrain four times. The damage affected 20 parishes around Baton Rouge and Lafayette. More than 20,000 people were ordered to evacuate. Even though 21% of the people had flood insurance ,in flood districts. This storm affected many non flood areas. The final results were less than 1% of the people who had damage, were covered under flood insurance. Those who were affected were encouraged to apply for help through FEMA. Up to $ 33,000 is allowed. More than 102,000 people did apply. Even for FEMA this is a bureaucratic night mare. Each case has to be identified and eventual a FEMA inspector has to show up.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Meantime                      President Obama was on vacation in Martha`s Vineyard. With much of the Main Street Media covering his vacation very little attention was paid to Louisiana plight. Governor John Bel Edwards ( Democrat) was informed by Kellyanne Conway (spokes person) that Donald Trump would be paying a visit to the Flood Damage area. The governor said if he was there to help and donate, he would be welcome and not to use it as a Photo Opt. Donald Trump did show up with Vice Presidential contender Pence. He bought a 18 wheeler with him full of necessary supplies.Many of the local residents with a tear in their eyes thanked him. They saw someone who cared. the main Street Media immediately spun it that Donald Trump did it for a photo Opt. That Louisiana would have to use their resources to protect him. the face remained that Donald Trump has his own protection and that of the Secret Service that are assigned to him. He did help pass out  supplies and talk to many residents.                                            Governor Edwards did do damage control for President Obama. He let the press know that it would take too much resources to protect him. Later the following week after his vacation he did appear. The Governor himself an Army Airborne Vet has done well for his people. There are still 2000 people as of this date living in shelters.He is trying to get modular homes for those who lost everything. He does seem to care a lot for his people. Note: Red Cross,salvation Army and other charities did show up. They did pass out supplies,food and medicine.



Declining Golf Courses

The successful Baby Boomers were up before the sun rose. It was hard to find tee time.  It was the early nineties. Men got away from the wifes for the day. Businessmen would take their clients out    for a relaxed atmosphere of pleasure and business. With the icon of Tiger Woods Golf became the in sport of both Baby Boomers and Millennials. Golf courses were opening around the world.. The cost of a new golf course varies as is buying a car,home or boat. One typical golf course. Heritage Oaks Golf Course in Harrisburg, Va cost 3 millions with an annual budget of $ 500,000 a year to maintain. Buying the land, variance objections for abutters, EPA and financing are just a few of the hurdlers that one would face. The came the real Estate Bust of 2008. Not only were there a flood of homes on the market but tee times started to drop. As many people lost their jobs and homes Golf was one of the first luxuries that was affected.                                                                                                                     Fast forward to 2014-2015 Baby Boomers are retiring at a fast past and the millennials are taking their place. In the year 2000 there were an estimated 30 million golfers in the world. By the year 2015 that had declined to 26 million ( source ESPN)  Average tee cost have kept rising from 1960s at $ 36-$40 for 18 holes, 70s-80s to $ 48 now past 1990 it became over $ 60. With taxes liability expenses, advertising and more competitive golf courses felt the squeeze. At the peak in the world there were 34,011 golf courses in the world. The Us at the peak had 16,052 courses (* ESPN) Now in 2015 that number has dropped to 15,372. All though new courses are still being built there were almost 700 golf courses that were slated to close. It has been since 2006 that more closed than opened. Most Golf courses are public. That at some point the public is allowed to play on them. It is estimated that only 4% are totally private. It takes a lot of golfers to run through the day to break even. Dicks Sports had a 2.3% increase in their business, but their galaxy stores. (for golf) has seen a 10.4 % drop.                                                                                                                                                                       So What now? When a golf courses announces a  closures there is an immediate panic in the surrounding homes. Values drop and for Sale signs pop up. What happens to the Golf Courses. Many are in litigation for years. Failed paid real Estate Taxes. Liens that are not paid, lawsuits, etc. The real estate brokers have a hard time selling the homes. Many owners are shocked to see their  value drop and take too much time to come to grips with reality. There is a new shift in attracting women to play. At one point is was thought to be a mans game now more women are playing. The men population still rules the course, but an increases of 260,000 more women play than did in 2006 ( ESPN)                                                                                Many courses are trying to lure families to play. They are trying larger holes, foot golf and family tee prices. Some golf courses are putting up tents for graduation, weddings and company parties. The flip side is the noise factor. The abbutting homes constantly sne in complaints to police and respected authorities. Golf courses are being added to new countries. Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia . There is a new twist many courses are down sized. They are 6,9 and 12 hole courses.Many golf enthusiasts think that the decline is moderating.All well and good. Lets hope we are not in another economic bubble.

Short Automobile History

Early concepts of a motor car started in 1807. The railroads used wood,coal or oil to run their engines. It took a large storage space and a person to feed the fire. Francis Isaac Rivaz built his the first car which ran on hydrogen. It took many years before the first combustion engine was designed . In Vienna Austria Siegfried designed a combustion engine that ran on gasoline. The first production car was Karl Benz. He was awarded the first patent.                                                                             The turn of the century America was in a Industrial revolution.Automobile manufacturing got its foothold. It was the Ford Model T pedal-based control system that went into production. A few years later in 1910 ” Mercer raceabout then the Japanese introduced the Mitsubishi in 1917. It was the roaring 1920s that  saw a boom in automotive production. Wall Street was flush with money. Speculation in the stock market spilled over into the automobile market. There was a mad rush to invent larger and  more powerful engines. The V8-V12-V16 for the super rich..Designs like the Penton Running Board were added to the cars. Often in the Elliot Ness Movies, one can see the gangsters standing on the running Boards with their Tommy guns. Ah Prohibition saw much demand from both the Feds and the gangsters for their passenger cars. When the stock market crash of 1929 happened layoffs and demand stifled production and innovation.                                                In 1932 Ford came out with the V8 Model B. the depression was still reeling but Ford catered to the richer person. In 1938 The First Volkswagen Beetle and 1936 Rolls Royce Phantom with a V12 engine. It was a gas guzzler but very powerful car.                                                                                                                                              End of WW11 Millions of our military returned home. They started the family boom and the needs of the automotive industry changed. General motors came out with oldsmobile, cadillac and the hudson. Ford with its 1951 Ford Consul. The post WW11 saw more competition. Now Japan with its superior technology started to export their superior cars to the US. It was the 1960s they came here with the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Blue . The us had higher production cost with its Unions and government regulations.This put pressure on the Us automakers. The Big Three countered the Japaneses with their own US made cars. The Ford Mustang, AMC Javelin, Chevrolet Camaro and American Motors Nissan. Now the American Auto` had to deal with quality and style. It was a time that showed Chrysler file for bankruptcy. It was time to come to grips with costs. The Unions were forced to make concessions.assembly lines became more automated but Motor town was dealt a blow. there was a time to buy US made in the 1970s but many people still demanded quality. Car repairs were a major  cost in the family budjet.  The Japanese and other foreign competerors decided to do assembly work in the US. Trade relations were ruffled. It also became more advanteous to asswemble cars in the country that they are sold in.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Today we see many of the Auto dealers searching for the next generation of cars powered by electric or hydrogen. Telsa has mass produced all electric cars. It is the cost and shelf life of the battries that make it difficult to market. the hybrid cars ( gasoline/electric) are popular. It takes government credits to make the car marketable. All electric cars has the problem of electric charge stations. Telsa model S cars has a range of 230-253 miles. Ford and Chevy have more resonable price electric cars but the range is little over 30 miles. Unless you do short trips it is not feasible. The othert problem is what to do with the battery when its life is ovewr, It becomes hazzaed waste. There are many bugs but someday we will see gasoline combustion engine replaced..It is the price of gasoline that has fallen in price, that takes away some of urgentcy to replace it.With a slower economy and the rise of solar panels it might be some time before the gas engine cars are less in demand.


Communities and Disasters

       Each year there are thousands of storms in the US. Each part of the country has its share. I live south of Boston Ma. Here we have Nor’easters, hurricanes, wind and severe rain storms. Each year we have several damaging storms, here it is mostly nor’easters. The storms usually last three days. Streets become dangerous to drive and many rural areas lose their electricity. It is difficult to live without electricity. Not only will your food in the refrigerator go bad, but most heating systems will not work. For the elderly, and handicap it becomes a life threatening situation.

Our town as in most in Massachusetts open up their local armories. There the elderly, handicap, and most families who need help can seek shelter. Without community help, the local authorities would be unable to handle everything. The volunteer fire department, visiting nurses, community centers, and many neighbors volunteer their services.

For myself, living in the suburbs, I find a four wheel drive and chain saw most useful. Personally I have helped shovel out and push many neighbors who are stuck in the road. I am not alone, several of my neighbors also are helpful. Of all the major storms two really stand out in my mind. First was the blizzard of 1978. More than thirty inches of snow fell in a 24 hour period.

Motorist on route 495 and 95 were stranded. A State of Emergency was declared by Governor Michael Dukakis. Many motorist died of cold. Plows could not get through the large drifts. The Airports were shut down for days. With all the calamity, many contractors did offer their services. One of them was Cumberland Farms. They possessed many front end loaders and Bulldozers. Now they have hundreds of stores up and down the east coast.

The governor did receive Federal help. Heavy equipment was flown up from Fort Benning Ga. The point is that it took several days. Many citizens did offer their help with pickup trucks. On my street alone several neighbors helped clear the limbs off the streets. Many Church groups, private citizens, with the coordination of the fire department delivered food and clothing to many in need. There were many stories of heroism, especially along the seashore. Houses were swept out to sea. In Scituate Ma, hundreds of homes were demolished or floated out to sea. Neighbors took in strangers. Others offered clothing and food to those who lost everything. Government does help, but the time lag would result in countless deaths. It is the generosity of local neighbors and civic groups that react fast. 

Fast Forward to March 2010. Southeastern Massachusetts was hit by countless rain storms. Each storm carried with it 5-8 inches of rain. I do not live in a flood zone. The ground water level rose to levels not seen for five hundred years. Small streams became raging rivers. Homes were flooded out. My home was one of them. Home Depot sold out of sump pumps. It was horrible. Many neighbors who survived, did take in other neighbors. My own home did receive

Considerable damage. I tried dealing with both my insurance company and FEMA. It was very stressful . After many calls and lots of paperwork FEMA offered me $ 682. The damage to my house was over $25,000. The house was unlivable. I just filed for bankruptcy before the storm, and did not know where to turn to.

I walked down to my neighbor who was a talented Union carpenter. He was between jobs.

It was karma for both of us. He offered to do the work and pay him weekly. I tried to pay for supplies but without good credit I could only do so much. He took a chance on me and I on him. He did rebuild my basement. When said and done, the basement was a first class job. Every week I paid him as much as I could. What was weird I had to chase him to give him the checks. After a few months, he realized that I intended to pay him in full. I have since gotten in a better financial health. I have two properties. If I need something done I would only use him.

Each of us can look at the glass, either half full or half empty. There are people who are not so kind. It is during a natural disaster, that the true value of one`s soul is exposed.

EMP aftermath reality of government assistance


During the 500 year rain storms in southern Massachusetts there were many homes severally

Damaged. I know, I was one of them. My home, like others was severally damaged by the consecutive rain storms. It was March 2010. My house like many others were not in a flood zone. Each rain storm was 6-8 inches, the storms just kept coming. The ground was saturate. Streams, rivers and lakes were over flooded. The water came through the floor soon, rising to 3-4 inches high. Water does severe damage to homes. Mine had a price tag of over $ 25,000. I called my insurance company and they denied me. Frustrated, I called FEMA.

It took a while for a representative to show up. After a series of inspections and paper work I was offered a check for $ 862. I almost wanted to give them back the money. It was not only me, but many of my neighbors experienced the same frustration.

I have since borrowed the money privately to rebuild. I have done a little research on FEMA. I am sure that there are people that are satisfied, but FEMA does not have the resource to make everyone whole. You can see monthly reports that the monies are usually between 1-2 ½

Million a month. http://www.femagov/media-library/assets/documents/31789

No one knew for sure how many agencies there are. On estimate is 415 but you can go to

https://cei,org/blog/nobody-knows-how-many-exist  with little communication between agencies

it becomes  a tangled web. Sometimes our government cannot respond in a quick, or efficient way, to the people they serve,

Fast forward to the present. I have written a captivating book called “Boston Darkens” It is a fictional book surrounding the Randal family. They are a Christian family transplants from Nebraska. When an EMP blast occurred Ben was on the Mass Pike. After a few hours walking home, on the Mass pike, Ben talking to several stranded motorist fique red out it was an EMP strike.

Even though my book is fictional I have tried to take a realistic journey of the Randal family. In order to survive, looking for food, water and medicine, Ben formed an unlikely group of heroes. With his surrounding neighbors they formed a collaborative. The collaborative consists of union man who thought the government was the end all and be all. A divorced mother with her daughter, A Mass State Trooper who still went by the book. A construction man with his two strong sons, who helped construct a well. A reclusive and neurotic man who had an

elderly intellectually challenge client. Ben`s daughter Jessica, who was an insecure teenage girl, with her best friend Vivian. Vivian is a tall and statuesque Girl of African descent. Besides his

Wife Alice, Ben`s son had a compulsion with a 56 Red Antique Buick. It is the Buick that was not affected by the EMP blast. The Buick was the life line of the collaborative.

Everywhere they traveled, the roads were littered with modern cars that were essential obstacles on the roads. With the Buick (and a few firearms), the Collaborative ventured out into this modern wasteland. They encountered stalled vehicles, debris, fires, gangs, malnourished dogs and corpses.

It is the good and bad of human nature that comes to the surface during this trying ordeal.

The government had a difficult time with Katrina, the fires in California, the storm off NJ coast on and on. With a large EMP strike there would be much confusion First communications would be severally limited. The government itself would have a faraday protection, but how can they communicate to the masses? Then there is a depleted military, a severally damaged e commerce, a power vacuum. What would Russia, China or mid-east terrorist do to fill this power vacuum?


What about the UN Building? NY Stock Exchange? A current administration would also be faced with many problems. Without our power grid, modern civilization would be set back to the early 1900s. I took a realistic course of the government. It really comes down to food, water and medicine. I use local Armories to help distribute food and medicine. Not only does the government need to distribute these necessities, but need to establish safe routes to the armories.

It is a story of family conflict and of neighbors bonding together for their survival. It is the journey that our forefathers took. It was the original concept of our country before big government took the role of a nanny state. You will not only being captivated but you will live the journey vicariously.







An excerpt from “Boston Darkens”

Boston or Bust

THERE WAS ONE more day before my trip to Boston. Most times it is less than an hour’s drive to Boston. When I would go to work in the morning, it could take me one and half to two hours.

It is a small and compact city. The thousands of college students, hospitals, and churches really promotes gridlock in the mix. Many of the high-tech companies like mine are in the outer section of the city. With the Atlantic Ocean acting as a buffer to the east, all traffic comes from the other parts.

There are a few roads, such as the Mass Pike, that are straight. Many of the other roads wind and turn. This is a challenge to the snowplows. Many of the roads date back hundreds of years. They follow cow or horse paths. I do not know if the cows and horses were in search of water or if they had a drinking problem. Like so many cities, Boston has too many vehicles to traverse the limited roads. I thought there was a divine reason to delay one more day.

Officer Ryan seemed like a straight shooter, but was he battle- tested? I knew whatever talent he had was better than anyone in our little collaborative. Like a finely tuned engine, we functioned as one.

Eventually we would run out of some necessities, but I felt we were faring better than most. The trip through Providence and to Connecticut was a harrowing one. In my gut I knew there could be worse challenges in Boston.

My head was swimming with multiple thoughts. Right now my family and neighbors had food, water, and basic survival resources. It was the unknown that frightened me. I had accomplished keeping my wife and son fed and protected. It was security that I needed to provide them. We’ve walked on eggshells. I had a real thirst to listen to more to the survival radio. The more knowledge I gained, the better for me to handle our own survival. Randy and Alice could easily break out of the fold again. I had to really laugh at myself. Jessica and Vivian were more battle-tested than Randy or probably Officer Ryan. During my trip to Boston, someone will have to ride shotgun.

The good, the bad, and the ugly seemed to come out of all of us during this crisis. Jessica was solidly behind me. I hoped that there would be a fairy-tale ending to this ongoing nightmare. Every father dreams of walking down the aisle with his only little princess. I had to wipe away a tear in my eyes. Why, Lord, do we have to have so much evil in the world? It was not only the terrorist but men who beat their wives and dogs. It was the corrupt politician, all the Internet scams, and all the salesmen selling snake oil. The list went on and on.

As I was from Nebraska, I liked to keep it simple. As I got older, I tried to get a little wiser. The greatest line I ever heard came from President Reagan. “Trust but verify,” he said. Damn, that says it all. Everyone’s mind wanders when we are put to the test. I was a Christian man. I had learned much. The Lord would not throw anything at you that you could not handle. Thinking about pleasant memories relaxes people. William was always mediating. He was so mellow. Funny he didn’t smoke pot, drink, or watch any kind of porn. I really respected him for finding that inner peace. To me, if there ever was a modern-day Moses, it would be him.

If a bad storm was headed our way, I could see him parting the Red Sea for us. He would keep it simple. He would say, “Follow me,” and give no other words. The power of a few simple words is better than a filibuster on the floor of Congress.

Men—we are such simple animals. Keep our belly filled and give us the touch of a female. Bingo, that’s the formula. I have tried to be a good husband at all times. Of course I looked at other females. Even President Carter has said he has had lust in his heart. He did not act on it, and neither have I. I really did miss Alice touching me. In time I was sure she would again. It had to be on her terms for it to feel natural. Now I was thankful to be alive. I was still dealing with that life I took. All the talk and condolences did not help.

It was only time. William had told me many times that our souls never die. Maybe in the heat of the moment, she chose the dark side. Before I slept, I touched my own Bible.

“Lord,” I said, “I really need you now more than ever. Please, Lord. Please, Jesus, give me strength.

facts on our grid

Thomas Edison discovered a way to transmit electricity. The year was 1882 in the Manhattan borough of NYC. He established the first electric station.                      “The pearl Street Station” Instead of kerosene lights eventually we had incandescent  light bulbs. they used power lines There were over 20 inventors of the first light bulbs, however it was Thomas Edison in 1879, who was accredited with the discovery. General Electri,c just as we enetered the 1900s started on many inventions of the incandeseant light bulbs. In the 1880s electric grids were established in NYC, Niagara Falls, Germany, Massachusetts, etc. a good view of our history of early electric grids. tp://                                                                            It brings me to our grid today. With the northeast industrial boom power grids were established. Manufacturing shoes, clothes, appliances, saw mills, nails tools even Smith & Weston found they could drastically increase production with electricity. Even though many of the early power grids were powered by coal plants. Niagara Falls was a huge boost for inexpensive electricity. Many of our early lines were replaced by more modern  wiring. It is the massive electric grid that presents a problem. There is over 450,000 miles of High Transmission lines. From there are multiple smaller lines that sprawl out to service our needs. With several blackouts attention has been made to our aging grid. Our grid is divided into three main parts. The rockies to the Pacific Ocean is the First. ( It would be difficult to have lines over the Rockies. The second is the the Rockies east tot the Atlantic Ocean. The third is Texas. With its huge size and miles of waste land it was determined to have its own power grid.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The famous blackout in 1965 and 2003 in the northeast has brought attention to our aging grids. there were several other blackouts.                                    This has brought several cries from our lawmakers to address this. Finally in the year 2010 under President Obama the ” Recovery Act 2010″ was passed 4.5 billion was awarded for our electrical grid. Some of that money has been spent to update our grid.

           1—- 10,000 automated capacitors were installed.                                                                                                                                                                                            2—- 7,000 automated Feeder switches were put in                                                                                                                                                                                           3—- 15.5 million  smart meters were installed

        The main problem of an aging and vulnerable power grid still remains. In one freak storm in Ritchie County, West Virginia three high towers collapsed.    The High Tower can withstand winds up to 70 miles per hour. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Nor’easters are a few of the natural calamities that threaten our grid. In India just recently a blackout affected 600 million customers. It is in this new world of Terrorism that in my view is a darker and more sinister threat. Even though EMP,s are controversial ( some say a ballistic missile is needed.}   I feel such an act will change the US status forever. It is the main reason I wrote my first fictional book ” Boston Darkens” Soon I will Publish a sequel  ” Boston Flickers”



A quick look at “Boston Darkens”

According to a USA Today analysis of federal energy records, about once every four days, part of the nation’s power grid is struck by a cyber or physical attack. If such a disaster occurred, the lasting ramifications would be unclear, especially if the attack targeted a major American city.

How Americans and the United States government should properly respond when faced with a domestic crisis is exactly what Michael Kravitz addresses in his novel, “Boston Darkens,” which follows a family struggling to survive after a portion of the country’s power grid is compromised.

“In America, we are incredibly dependent on our electrical grid and water supply systems,” Kravitz said. “I sought to emphasize what could happen because of the nation’s reliance on technology.”

Kravitz believes that the U.S. government would have a hard time properly handling this type of disaster based on the amount of implications that could occur. Through the family’s decisions and struggles, he aims to show readers how individuals and those in power should collectively unite to survive a national disaster.

“Any large catastrophic event brings out the good and the bad of human nature,” Kravitz said. “People must exhibit awareness and compassion to survive an attack on American soil.”