Fall Foliage

Mid-September the nights are cooler. On the 21st of this month we enter the Autumn Equinox The daylight hours are equal to the night hours. Birds realizing that the harsh winter is approaching begin their 11,000 mile journey. Ah the term snow birds. That is the distance of flying across the US 3 1/2 times. In Greek methodology it is when Persephone daughter of Demeter was abducted. He became so distraught that the ground became barren. Nothing would grow. It was`t until her return March 21st that life came back, and the ground was able to grow again.                                                                                                                                          Entering Autumn we enter the “Aurora Season” The geomagnetic storms increase twice  their numbers. The sun particles traveling at enormous speeds crashing into the atoms. This puts on a light show for the star watchers. The hues coming from the nitrogen and oxygen atoms are pink,blue,yellow,green and white. The animals sense the change in seasons as their Teste swells up to 17 times as the slumber hot summers.  The reproduction and the gathering of food for the long cold winter nights begins in earnest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The various colors in the leaves were always there. The pigmentation was overpowered by the chlorophyll produced by the long hours of sunlight and warm weather. As the cold nights and shorter day lights affect the amount of chlorophyll. The natural pigmentation start to appear. Yellow and orange are the predominant colors. The stronger colors of red and purple are caused by the  sugar that is trapped in the leaves..  Without the proper nourishment the leaves end their natural cycle. The trees ready themselves for the dark cold winter. The leaves start to drop off. Pine needles also goes through a shedding process.Many homeowners start to rake,blow the leaves and some brave homeowners just mulch the leaves in the grass.The problem with that is some are acidic. Example oak leaves and needles from pine and spruce are very acidic. Spreading lime across the lawn will neutralize the acidity.Image result for picture of fall foliage

The fall leave season starts in Mid September through mid October. Southern Canada starts it of early from there it progresses to northern New England and and finally New Jersey. For the most brilliant colors most viewers claim it would be the green mountains of Vermont. The longest season would be the lake region in New Hampshire.In western United States Oregon and Washington offer some spectacular fall foliage. Besides the Us Japan has a magnificent fall foliage. Many tourist from around the world come to Japan to view the sights and mountains  during the change of seasons.


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