Interesting Hurricane tid bits

Most scientist understand the conditions needed to form a hurricane but really don`t understand how they form. Hurricane season starts June 1st to November 30th on the Atlantic Ocean. In the Pacific Ocean it starts May 15 to November 30th. Hurricanes form along the Equator where the water Temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind sheer is low. As the winds cross the ocean it forms water vapor. As these vapors rise the air cools and the vapors turn into droplets.It forms clouds and the weight of the droplets falls as rain. The change in air pressure makes the wind spin faster. The warm waters and air pressure feeds on itself making the hurricane gather strength   With real record keeping starting in 1851 between 1851-2013 there were—-

46 September hurricanes     26 October hurricanes    17 October hurricanes   Clearly September is the most active month. At nights in the middle of September  the Atlantic ocean waters turn cooler. This in turns slows down the hurricane strength and movements.Normally it is Florida and the Carolina’s that are the most susceptible targets, Hurricanes have reached Maine and Nova Scotia.AS of this date it has been awhile since a damaging hurricane hit the mainland US .      Weathermen and weather publications try and predict  weather we will have an active year. It seems they use sun spots and past history to calculate their predictions. Mother nature has a mind of her own. Here is a list of the  10 worst hurricanes according to  ” Science – How Stuff works”  Image result for picture of a hurricane

  1.        Hurricane Andrew–August  1992 –Category 5—- 15 deaths —26 Billion
  2.        Hurricane Hugo —-September 1989–50 deaths
  3.         Hurricane Sandy —  October 2012 –65 Billion  115 Deaths
  4.         Hurricane Camille — August 1969—265 deaths–category 3
  5.          Hurricane Gilbert–  September 1988–318 deaths–this was the largest Hurricane ever recorded ( as size is concerned)
  6.         1935 Florida Keys Labor Hurricane–400 deaths  half were World War 1 Veterans who were there on construction projects. Note; Names were not given hurricanes until 1952
  7.           Hurricane Katrina– Category 5–1833 lives were lost. Half of them from drowning. This is perhaps the most controversial hurricane. The slow response of the Federal government and the around the clock news coverage as the victims lived in the super-dome. There is also the fact most of the victims were poor.The mayor of New Orleans was charged with corruption. The governor and President Bush were at odds with each other.
  8.          Great Hurricane of Gavels ton–1900—storm surge 8-15 feet–This was perhaps the worst hurricane with an estimate of 8000 to 12,000 deaths
  9.          Hurricane Mitch–October 1998–5 Billion–11,000 deaths It was Honduras that took the brunt. The amount of rain caused massive mudsldes. In one mudslide 2000 lost their lives
  10.         Great Hurricane of 1780. More than 22,000 lost their lives. Many British and American soldiers were victims. One observer said the bark of the trees came off. This would require winds in excess of 200 miles an hour.



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