Louisiana flood

On August 11, 2016 a low pressure south of Louisiana formed. As the rain stormed developed just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana it stalled. The rain came down at the rate of 2-3 inches an hour. On August 12 the rivers Amite and Comite overflowed. Streets, commercial,schools and homes were taking in water. Before the rain stopped more than 20 inches fell.. This is 3 times that of Katrina and was the worst natural disaster since Sandy Hook. To be fair, the fires in California were also bad..The fires in California did national attention right away. Many of the homes affected in California were the well to do and were covered. Tragedy is the same weather you are rich or poor. It just seems strange that the New York Times and CNN would not cover it until August 14.    ( source Wikipedia}                                           Many of the residents are poor. Perhaps it was the Olympic Games or the Presidential Race that was more important. By the end of the No name storm more than 7.1 trillion gallons of water fell. That would fill lake Pontchartrain four times. The damage affected 20 parishes around Baton Rouge and Lafayette. More than 20,000 people were ordered to evacuate. Even though 21% of the people had flood insurance ,in flood districts. This storm affected many non flood areas. The final results were less than 1% of the people who had damage, were covered under flood insurance. Those who were affected were encouraged to apply for help through FEMA. Up to $ 33,000 is allowed. More than 102,000 people did apply. Even for FEMA this is a bureaucratic night mare. Each case has to be identified and eventual a FEMA inspector has to show up.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Meantime                      President Obama was on vacation in Martha`s Vineyard. With much of the Main Street Media covering his vacation very little attention was paid to Louisiana plight. Governor John Bel Edwards ( Democrat) was informed by Kellyanne Conway (spokes person) that Donald Trump would be paying a visit to the Flood Damage area. The governor said if he was there to help and donate, he would be welcome and not to use it as a Photo Opt. Donald Trump did show up with Vice Presidential contender Pence. He bought a 18 wheeler with him full of necessary supplies.Many of the local residents with a tear in their eyes thanked him. They saw someone who cared. the main Street Media immediately spun it that Donald Trump did it for a photo Opt. That Louisiana would have to use their resources to protect him. the face remained that Donald Trump has his own protection and that of the Secret Service that are assigned to him. He did help pass out  supplies and talk to many residents.                                            Governor Edwards did do damage control for President Obama. He let the press know that it would take too much resources to protect him. Later the following week after his vacation he did appear. The Governor himself an Army Airborne Vet has done well for his people. There are still 2000 people as of this date living in shelters.He is trying to get modular homes for those who lost everything. He does seem to care a lot for his people. Note: Red Cross,salvation Army and other charities did show up. They did pass out supplies,food and medicine.




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