Short Automobile History

Early concepts of a motor car started in 1807. The railroads used wood,coal or oil to run their engines. It took a large storage space and a person to feed the fire. Francis Isaac Rivaz built his the first car which ran on hydrogen. It took many years before the first combustion engine was designed . In Vienna Austria Siegfried designed a combustion engine that ran on gasoline. The first production car was Karl Benz. He was awarded the first patent.                                                                             The turn of the century America was in a Industrial revolution.Automobile manufacturing got its foothold. It was the Ford Model T pedal-based control system that went into production. A few years later in 1910 ” Mercer raceabout then the Japanese introduced the Mitsubishi in 1917. It was the roaring 1920s that  saw a boom in automotive production. Wall Street was flush with money. Speculation in the stock market spilled over into the automobile market. There was a mad rush to invent larger and  more powerful engines. The V8-V12-V16 for the super rich..Designs like the Penton Running Board were added to the cars. Often in the Elliot Ness Movies, one can see the gangsters standing on the running Boards with their Tommy guns. Ah Prohibition saw much demand from both the Feds and the gangsters for their passenger cars. When the stock market crash of 1929 happened layoffs and demand stifled production and innovation.                                                In 1932 Ford came out with the V8 Model B. the depression was still reeling but Ford catered to the richer person. In 1938 The First Volkswagen Beetle and 1936 Rolls Royce Phantom with a V12 engine. It was a gas guzzler but very powerful car.                                                                                                                                              End of WW11 Millions of our military returned home. They started the family boom and the needs of the automotive industry changed. General motors came out with oldsmobile, cadillac and the hudson. Ford with its 1951 Ford Consul. The post WW11 saw more competition. Now Japan with its superior technology started to export their superior cars to the US. It was the 1960s they came here with the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Blue . The us had higher production cost with its Unions and government regulations.This put pressure on the Us automakers. The Big Three countered the Japaneses with their own US made cars. The Ford Mustang, AMC Javelin, Chevrolet Camaro and American Motors Nissan. Now the American Auto` had to deal with quality and style. It was a time that showed Chrysler file for bankruptcy. It was time to come to grips with costs. The Unions were forced to make concessions.assembly lines became more automated but Motor town was dealt a blow. there was a time to buy US made in the 1970s but many people still demanded quality. Car repairs were a major  cost in the family budjet.  The Japanese and other foreign competerors decided to do assembly work in the US. Trade relations were ruffled. It also became more advanteous to asswemble cars in the country that they are sold in.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Today we see many of the Auto dealers searching for the next generation of cars powered by electric or hydrogen. Telsa has mass produced all electric cars. It is the cost and shelf life of the battries that make it difficult to market. the hybrid cars ( gasoline/electric) are popular. It takes government credits to make the car marketable. All electric cars has the problem of electric charge stations. Telsa model S cars has a range of 230-253 miles. Ford and Chevy have more resonable price electric cars but the range is little over 30 miles. Unless you do short trips it is not feasible. The othert problem is what to do with the battery when its life is ovewr, It becomes hazzaed waste. There are many bugs but someday we will see gasoline combustion engine replaced..It is the price of gasoline that has fallen in price, that takes away some of urgentcy to replace it.With a slower economy and the rise of solar panels it might be some time before the gas engine cars are less in demand.



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