EMP aftermath reality of government assistance


During the 500 year rain storms in southern Massachusetts there were many homes severally

Damaged. I know, I was one of them. My home, like others was severally damaged by the consecutive rain storms. It was March 2010. My house like many others were not in a flood zone. Each rain storm was 6-8 inches, the storms just kept coming. The ground was saturate. Streams, rivers and lakes were over flooded. The water came through the floor soon, rising to 3-4 inches high. Water does severe damage to homes. Mine had a price tag of over $ 25,000. I called my insurance company and they denied me. Frustrated, I called FEMA.

It took a while for a representative to show up. After a series of inspections and paper work I was offered a check for $ 862. I almost wanted to give them back the money. It was not only me, but many of my neighbors experienced the same frustration.

I have since borrowed the money privately to rebuild. I have done a little research on FEMA. I am sure that there are people that are satisfied, but FEMA does not have the resource to make everyone whole. You can see monthly reports that the monies are usually between 1-2 ½

Million a month. http://www.femagov/media-library/assets/documents/31789

No one knew for sure how many agencies there are. On estimate is 415 but you can go to

https://cei,org/blog/nobody-knows-how-many-exist  with little communication between agencies

it becomes  a tangled web. Sometimes our government cannot respond in a quick, or efficient way, to the people they serve,

Fast forward to the present. I have written a captivating book called “Boston Darkens” It is a fictional book surrounding the Randal family. They are a Christian family transplants from Nebraska. When an EMP blast occurred Ben was on the Mass Pike. After a few hours walking home, on the Mass pike, Ben talking to several stranded motorist fique red out it was an EMP strike.

Even though my book is fictional I have tried to take a realistic journey of the Randal family. In order to survive, looking for food, water and medicine, Ben formed an unlikely group of heroes. With his surrounding neighbors they formed a collaborative. The collaborative consists of union man who thought the government was the end all and be all. A divorced mother with her daughter, A Mass State Trooper who still went by the book. A construction man with his two strong sons, who helped construct a well. A reclusive and neurotic man who had an

elderly intellectually challenge client. Ben`s daughter Jessica, who was an insecure teenage girl, with her best friend Vivian. Vivian is a tall and statuesque Girl of African descent. Besides his

Wife Alice, Ben`s son had a compulsion with a 56 Red Antique Buick. It is the Buick that was not affected by the EMP blast. The Buick was the life line of the collaborative.

Everywhere they traveled, the roads were littered with modern cars that were essential obstacles on the roads. With the Buick (and a few firearms), the Collaborative ventured out into this modern wasteland. They encountered stalled vehicles, debris, fires, gangs, malnourished dogs and corpses.

It is the good and bad of human nature that comes to the surface during this trying ordeal.

The government had a difficult time with Katrina, the fires in California, the storm off NJ coast on and on. With a large EMP strike there would be much confusion First communications would be severally limited. The government itself would have a faraday protection, but how can they communicate to the masses? Then there is a depleted military, a severally damaged e commerce, a power vacuum. What would Russia, China or mid-east terrorist do to fill this power vacuum?


What about the UN Building? NY Stock Exchange? A current administration would also be faced with many problems. Without our power grid, modern civilization would be set back to the early 1900s. I took a realistic course of the government. It really comes down to food, water and medicine. I use local Armories to help distribute food and medicine. Not only does the government need to distribute these necessities, but need to establish safe routes to the armories.

It is a story of family conflict and of neighbors bonding together for their survival. It is the journey that our forefathers took. It was the original concept of our country before big government took the role of a nanny state. You will not only being captivated but you will live the journey vicariously.








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