Terrorist and Guns

Hamilton & Burr were back to Back, each with their loaded pistols. They were in New Jersey where the dueling laws are more relaxed. Hamilton had a longer barrel and a hair pin trigger. When it was over Hamilton went down and died the  following day on July 12, 1804. Guns became both a fascination and part of American culture. During world War 11 both the Germans and Japanese knew of our gun culture. It affected there plans, when it would be feasible to attack the US                  Fast Forward to Obama Administration. He withdrew troops from Irag. Many of his top generals advised against it. The Iragi Army were not ready to take command. He subsequently relieved and fired many of the generals. A vacuum was created. Obama engineered the over throw of Qaddafi and Egyptian authority. A huge vacuum was created. Isis filled the void. The terror network regain a huge footing. .                                                                                                                                            The eastern mindset of Shia law is either misunderstood or miscalculated. Somehow the current administration believes if we make harder to acquire firearms, that this would be the simple answer. Just simple research would prove otherwise. A study by Harvard Journal of Law and public policy.

  1.  there are approximately 250 – 280 million guns in the Us
  2.   86 % juveniles in correctional institute had an illegal gun
  3.   65% 0wn three or more guns
  4.    3 out of 5 felons will not mess with a victim that has a gun
  5.   200,000 women in one year used a gun to prevent sexual or harmful attacks on them                                                                                                                              6. The more legal guns the less crimes.    

Another site:  WWW.americangunfacts.com   The Colorado shooter by passed several movie theaters that allowed concealed gun carry permits. He went into the theater that did not allow guns. Fort Hood shooter knew that the solders were not carrying. The elementary school in Ct  had no guns, the Orlando night Club only  had one Guard on the outside This brings me back to 9/11. Shortly after 9/11 President Bush put armed federal agents on the planes. If you were flying on a plane would you not feel more secure? It is not just guns that terrorist use. In Europe it was shopping carts filled with explosives. Paris is was a rented truck that killed 80 plus people. Oklahoma it was a compound of fertilizer that killed over 200 innocent people.. Main street media does not report many truths.                      www.thereleigionofpeace.com. You can see close to one hundred terrorist attempts in the US. It includes knifes and explosives. Many are caught with blue prints of our gas supply, water supplies public transportation. musical festivals, sporting events the list goes on.

This is not a political statement. Just a real cold hard look at reality. The small amount of Muslim jihads are on a 1000 year war to conquer the world. We think we can logic with them. They are not assimilating to the European way of life and certainty not to the American Way of Life. They are willing to give up their lives to force us to be under Sharia Law. Most Muslims are peaceful and the Mosque preach love and kindness. The cold hard truth is a good 80 mosque preach anger and hatred to our way of life. After the Paris shootings “Anonymous group” attacked these hateful terrorist web sites.Why don`t we? With the constant drum beat of terrorist attacks, our administration policies are not working. I for one have been uncomfortable around guns, but maybe it is becoming time to change. People who want to do us harm, or are preaching hatred of western culture, should go where they are welcomed. Enough good people have died, it is time to take a different approach







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