Antique 56 Buick sedan

During the July fourth parades one can see many antiques cars. Many are built of heavy metal and chrome. I remember going down route 44 near Providence RI. My father had a 54 Chevy. We would get better than four gallons for a dollar.. For three or four dollars one could fill er up. I would do my own oil change and filter. There were no electronics like today cars.  Seat belts were an option which very few people used. With heavy body frames and V8 engine gas mileage was not good.                                                                                                                                                                             In my book " Boston Darkens" I did do a little research on classic vintage cars. It was the classic 56 Riviera four sedan. The one I saw was bright Red and had Chrome  everywhere. a 255 hp 322 cubic inch " nailhead" V8 The original asking price was $ 3,300. Now the asking prices vary between $ 9000 – $ 27,000 the average price is $ 16,000. The Buick was either big or bigger. The    The century and special rode on a 122″ wheelbase the senior had a 127″ wheelbase.. There were a little over 53,000 made. This is according to NADA. The 56 Buick sedan with its chrome on the outside and padded interior was the car to be seen. In the summer, the windows would be open to allow a breeze to come in. Air conditioning was offered in the mid 1950s. As a dealer  option would cost $ 700-$1000. It wasn`t until the 60s that many dealers pushed air conditioning as an option. Although Ford and Chevy were main competitor it was the the 56 classic Buick that was an attention grabber. You could get a lot of friends with a nice muscle car. It was the car to be seen in.                                                                                                                                                               A spare tire was really a fifth tire. If one got a flat you can repair it yourself. With a tire plug kit, you need either a barrel or  water sprayer. Once you find the     leak you mark it with chalk. After making the hole big enough to allow the plug to go through. Next You put the plug through the eye. When you put the plug into the whole, you can pull it back towards you. A razor blade is used to cut the pug near the tire surface. Voila! with air your tire is good as new. Most gas stations had air hoses. Since there where no self serve one would just go to his gas station.                                                                                                                                                            I have taken many trips to Africa. I would smile when I saw those who had cars. Many did repairs themselves including fixing their own tires. Sometimes one can yearn for the old ways.


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