Info on EMPs

First knowledge of damage from an EMPs was recorded in August of 1959. A solar glare storm from our sun affected North America and Europe. The quick surge sent shock waves through the telegraph system. It was the largest solar glare ever recorded. A milder one  occurred in 1989 It jammed radio signals and satellite waves.Real knowledge of EMPs began in 1945 . It was the nuclear test in Nevada. The ” Manhattan Project” a  short time line of EMPs

  1.          1945 Nuclear tests gamma rays would ionize the air –Equipment were shielded
  2.          1952-53 British Instrumentation failures attributed to radio flash during test
  3.          1962 ” Star Fish Prime” a 1.44 megaton with a 5600 volt was set off near an Island close to Hawaii
  4.           Soviet Union during 1962 also tested EMP nuke
  5.           2010  Dr Liam Fox Defense Secretary under the umbrella of “Homeland Security ” stated a roque state like Iran and N Kore   are trying to get EMP                         warhead that could be set off against Great Britian 

After the EMP test Near Hawaii -Victor Gilinsky review the data. He concurred that the Geo magnetic field over North America is a lot different than what was done Near Hawaii. A proper EMP explosion over our heartland would be 1000 times worse. This is the same view made by Dr. Lovell Wood. There are many ways a roque state could set off an EMP device. It could be done either by land or sea.. The resulting bomb would send out an immediate burst of Gamma Rays. The downward force would be at 90% the speed of light. Much of our Grid and electronically devices are not shielded.  A busrt of energy like a n internal generator   would fry most sensitive circuits. This would set us back 1800s cars, computers,tvs our whole grid would be affected.                                                                                             Peter Pry testified before congress. He is the EMP director Task Force  in the Homeland Security.  He stated an EMP strike would kill 9 out 10 Americans  ” Through starvation,disease and societal Collapse”                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Government and FEMA have made small provisions. There is a Faraday shield that can protect electronic equipment. The jest of it that the resulted burst would be captured by the shield and ground the blast without damage. Some government vehicles and planes are protected by a Faraday shield . this is also   true of some communications devices. Our grid is old. There are 100 main sub stations and thousands of smaller sub stations. The grid is old and out of date.  Capacitors,relay switches and junctions Boxes would be made useless by an EMP strike. It would set us back before the advent of electricty. Modern cars would litter the roadways that have been hit. There are those who will disagree with this scenario but is it worth the gamble? Our government spends billions on wasteful  expenditures. Our grid really needs to be updated. Just a good old Nor,Easter storm causes outages in the tens of thousands. This is not including hurricanes and other natural disaster. To me water, Food and electricity needs to be protected in this new age of Terrorism. For a more scientific approach to EMPs please go here.







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