Reality of July 4th

Coming home from Boston I noticed a pick up truck with two large American Flags in the back.It put a smile on my face. There seems to be so many anti American remarks from within in and out of our country. In our new politically correct world, many habits and cultures are now taboo.In our school systems. Pledge allegiance, lords prayer, saying Merry Xmass wearing any apparel that has a US flag or patriotism is mostly forbidden. Yet in most major league sporting events, they play our national anthem. What that tells me there is a culture divide. two par ell universes. Many who work hard and achieve, and those who don`t. To be fair there are stumbling blocks for many to get ahead. There is language barriers, economic, and and most important peer pressure. Many who cross our borders illegally are expecting handouts. There are some, who really want an opportunity to achieve. How does one know the difference. I for one, have tried to get a young  gentlemen from Tanzania into our country legally. I tried twice. I gave been there four times with my girlfriend. There is no or little opportunity in third world countries. Either be part of a corrupt government or waste your life. It is sad. The immigration counselors at the US Embassy where rude and arrogant to me. Unless your a post graduate student, Rich government spouse or elderly parent it is hard to get a visa. Top me this seems counter productive to our way of life                                 Being a little student of history I understand our early begging..It was December 16,1773 that the American rebels boarded the British ship They threw the tea bags off the ship. No taxation without representation.British  Prime minster Fredrick, Lord North underestimated the problem in the colonies. It was March 1774. First they wanted to declare war. When the British took control of Boston. Massachusetts sent 12 regiments to the outer primer. Soon Connecticut sent 6000 . General Washington soon had 16,000 under his command. General Washington knew he needed more men to fight the British. Many were afraid or wanted to be by their warm Chimneys. He realized early on he had to offer the solder something to enlist. It was clothing, currency extended leaves etc. They soon had a concript army and the North offered African Men a chance to enlist It became professional solders Quickly they learned and adapted. As the British marched in Red Uniforms in parade fashion, The rebels shot from behind the trees. King George men where paid ,but did not have the same fire in the belly as the patriots.                                           Fast forward to today we have a revolution in Europe. The Brexit vote. In England the bureaucrats are underestimating the anger and resolve of the common people. In Brussels they are determine what the English can grow and how to run their lives. There is much dead weight that is being paid for by the masses. The standard of living is dropping. There is no enthusiasm to achieve.. It is sad. Perhaps our own election cycle this year has the same undertones. I do believe, The main stream media will get it wrong..Happy fourth everyone.



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