Tipping Point

I  was sitting  at a slot machine in Caesars palace. There are no clocks just lots of glitter and bustle off endless people trying their luck. I was with  friends and two of my clients. I take care of two gentlemen who are intellectually challenged. It is a good seven hour drive from Massachusetts. The road trip itself was a good diversion for my clients. While playing I met a young man who was with his grandmother. He lived in a rough neighborhood in New Jersey . He was estranged from his immediate family. Being well dressed and a good listener showed me he was a person of admirable traits. As we communicated,I learned his main source of income was writing fictional stories of his life in the hood. Locking himself in a room for a month without distractions he would write    Wow! what a great way to make a living. No nine to Five, just do your own thing. Most of us have jobs and responsibilities. At the end of the day where does one get the drive or energy. A glass of wine or watching the news, seems to be in order.                                                                                                                                                                                                I graduated college as an Engineer.After a two year stint in the Army, I found a job in Engineering..I worked for Johnson &Johnson,At night I did some graduate classes  Weekends I helped my dad,. My dad worked for decorators. We would redo furniture and window treatments. There always is a shortage of skilled labor. Problem is that it is a family business. Giving everyone a check makes for a small income.My dad was diagnosed with cancer. My brother was in Viet Nam. Gad, it was either quit my Engineering job ,and help out ,or let the business dissolve. I did leave my job to help out. My dad and mom continued to receive an income. Days turned into months and years. I was now obsolete, with my Engineering field.Life has many twist and turns. I enjoyed working with my hands. I do           miss the intellectual stimulation that I got from Engineering.                                                                                                                                                                                       Most of the clients were generally upper middle class or really rich. Of the hundreds of clients two intrigued me. They were both writers. Both used pen names. One came from Middleton RI and the other from  Newport, RI. The gentleman from Newport lived in a mansion that overlooked  second Beach. He wrote       fictional Romance Novels. He indicated to me that was his only source of income. I was impressed. Years passed. Everyone knows of someone who has a good stock pick, and  somebody who is a writer. It was the man from Caesars Palace that was the tipping point. I felt I was as intellectual as he was. I also have had a life with a lot of evil. No sense of airing out dirty laundry. Therapist and psychologist take a lot of time and money. Instead I read off beat subjects. Economics,political,         past life experiences,UFOs, and conspiracy theorist. It was time to write a short novel                                                                                                                                                  What to write? Hmmm. One show I am intrigued with is” Info Wars” ( Alex Jones} He did a little on EMP. Voila! That is what I am going to write about. It also   had a biblical meaning.we would be invaded from the bear from the North (Russia) I did my research, our grid is very vulnerable to terrorist My fictional family lived in a western suburb of Boston.Therapy! Seven weeks of straight writing I had a short novel. All the evil I have experienced just came out, with this intriguing and captivating story. I was healing. Now how to get it published. On the internet , I started from the end of the alphabet. As a contrarian I came up with Xlibris Publisher. I was always fascinated with the letter X . X men. Xintra Computer School ( Now defunct) Planet X etc.I called them. I talked to woman who had a soft and seductive voice. After a a good long talk I sent her my manuscript. The game was afoot. It took a lot of time and money but my book is now a published novel. Like most publishers there is a bait switch for an upgrade.The novel is about an unusual group of heroes. A secluded man with his challenged client. A divorce, A mass State trooper who still goes by the book, A union Man who thought  the government can handle anything. The star of the book a classic 56 Red Antique Buick.   The car was the lifeline of the collaborative. My novel is called ” Boston Darkens” My name is Michael Kravitz and I am the Author.











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