An excerpt from “Boston Darkens”


YOUNG PEOPLE ARE sitting in a sidewalk café in Israel, enjoying stimulating conversation. In a split second, a bomb blast destroys their lives. A train ride in Spain carries people to

work and tourists to their next sight. A bomb goes off, and the train derails. In Nigeria, a young Christian family has to battle poverty and government corruption. They send their little girl to an all-girls school. There she can receive a good education and learn about morality and showing kindness to all things. The next day the parents are horrified that hundreds, including their own child, are taken in the name of religion. In Kenya, one of the Swahili sister countries, terrorists invade a defenseless mall. The Christian shoppers are separated. They are then executed one by one.

Even despots like Putin, Kaddafi, and Mubarak understood the horrible persecutions. In their own strong ways, they protected many minority religions. Our mainstream news never seems to report the whole truth.

Somehow Americans seemed oblivious to these events. TV, sports, and the hustle of everyday life seemed to say, “Not over here.” See no evil, hear no evil, then I guess there is no evil. In the last several years, there have been multiple attacks. Most so far have to do with our military. They fight our wars so that we can be free. When they return stateside, they are not armed. They are easy targets for those schooled in hatred. The Internet and preaching in certain religious venues has stroked the flames of hatred.

In an open society as ours, there are multitudes of soft targets. Our water, transportation, shopping, and any gatherings of people are soft targets. Yet to me the most devastating form of destruction is an EMP nuke. A rogue missile from a terrorist group could set it off high above us.

The economic and human destruction would be a game changer. For several billion dollars, we can protect our grid.


We’ve known about EMPs (electromagnetic pulses), also described as transient electromagnetic disturbances, for decades. When a changing electromagnetic field crosses a wire, an electric current is generated in the wire. It is the basic phenomena used in electric generators. Some nuclear bombs are designed to produce a series of gigantic electromagnetic spikes or pulses. When they cross the wires on any unshielded electric device, the generated electric spikes fry the devices sensitive internal circuitry.

Because so many countries have the ability to detonate nuclear devices, the dangers of EMPs are real, and these can destroy parts or even all of our power grid. Many scientist and politicians have warned congress. Rep. Trent Franks, a Republican from Arizona, has stated the possibility of destruction to computers, water, and electronic devices.

There has been a rise in terrorism both from abroad and at home. Many Americans and people all over the world sense the tension. We have witnessed a number of attacks in the United States, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

Fiction writers have concentrated on the drama surrounding the possibilities of various attacks. Not all but most take you to a remote area. Here is where we find the survivalist struggle against all odds to continue on. I have elected to be more pragmatic, zooming down on one certain family in the outskirts of Boston. New York, Boston, and the Pentagon among others have seen their share of tragedy. The FBI, CIA, and many local authorities are working tirelessly to prevent as many attacks as possible.

Ben Randal and his wife, Alice, have been blessed with the American dream. They have two children, Jessica and Randy. Both Ben and Alice have good jobs, and they raised their children in a traditional American Christian home. They are from Nebraska, and they found the culture and customs of the East Coast a little challenging. Their faith, character, and resolve are put to an extreme test.

I chose to be pragmatic in the way I have portrayed politicians, foes, and allies. Both the good and evil of people come out when they are under threat. There is also the problem of anonymous mob behavior of fearful, ill-informed crowds of people who live in any large city like Boston or New York.

With a little dry humor and some heart-stopping tension, I have waded into the drama of a post-EMP attack. It is the story of Ben


Randal, his family, his neighbors, and some quirky friends coming together with some old-fashioned values and hope as they struggled to survive.

I have attempted to keep you, my reader, entertained. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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